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Topic: Entertainment Tonight Disney Wedding: Didn't Air!, Brides Magazine couple in a "dream wed."< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
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Carol Koster

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Posted: Mar. 17, 2007, 5:40 am Quote

Check frequently at Disney Echo to know what's going on.  This Topic's been going on more than a month, and in the Disney TV Forum when TV Kirby posts I've been sure to keep it updated about ET.

The late Anna Nicole Smith and the fact that ET has a contract with her and now her lawyer/companion Howard K. Stern is the key, and that ET signs exclusivity contracts to air some of their segments, it is not literally a "news" program as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel are news.  So that is why ET is able to include what TiVo or DVRs would recognize as a "keyword" (Disney* or Disney, depending on how your auto-record DVR or TiVo works) and the news channels can't do that since the nature of news is always changing and ET can program some of it's content ahead of time and let listings services know.  However once the program listings are submitted, that's it, apparently you can't withdraw them and change or alter them.  Which is why you can see "Disney wedding" appear on ET's listings in TiVo and DVR and online listings services but with "breaking news" or "Exclusive story!" about entertainment ET can't withdraw the program listings.  Hence you get all excited about the original content of the show, tune in only to find it's something different.

Now that you know the game is played that way about the listings, simply "don't bet the farm" about this Disney wedding segment actually airing 'til you really see it happening.  Record the show if the listings say the Disney wedding segment is coming up, but by now I know I'm cynical and skeptical about it actually airing.  Simply speed cue through your recording.  If no wedding and it gets bumped again, you are out only a few minutes of speed cuing time.  But if instead ET finally gets it over with and schedules the segment, then you'll have it to enjoy!

If routine stuff goes on in Hollywood, someone makes a movie that's premiering or TV show episode that sensational, by May it'll be May Sweeps for television and shows will have their season finales...  Those are normal and customary, and a nice balance of a show would include scheduling that Disney wedding, finally.

If Hollywood stars are behaving badly that is less predictable, if they are getting arrested, entering one type of rehab or another, caught in one type of scandal or another, if Britney Spears does something incredible, if the Anna Nicole Smith soap opera gets more twisted with bizarre details or major elements of the story drag out with intermittent culminations (a paternity hearing final verdict, for instance) then expect "breaking news" and all kinds of "exclusive interviews you'll see nowhere else" and "our investigation reveals.... don't miss it!" then expect "normal" entertainment news to take a back seat 'til the mountain out of a molehill blows over and dies down.

In May Sweeps, if they leave the Disney Wedding segment in the can 'til then, even ET wants high audience numbers in order to set ad rates.  Means they will air anything they can to "make you look".  If an elaborate Disney wedding is considered more boring than a celebrity behaving badly or a dead Playboy playmate that in death is larger than she was in life and the remains of her life are so tangled, then expect the most boring segments to stay in the can while the more lurid and splashy ones get air time.  If celebrities behaving badly or ongoing Anna Nicole Smith over-reportage is prevailing, despite what you see in the listings, know that whatever is considered least interesting and lurid will stay in the can.  Surprises can happn, though.  At this point that ET ever finally airs this segment and "gets it over with" would surprise me, not that it airs, but when.  That they keep bumping the show is not per se a "trick" or "bait and switch", they really do have the best of intentions at the start of their production day, but if anything more "newsworthy" of coverage, "breaking news" or "ongoing coverage" is deemed more interesting or "important" then ET will juggle their show elements around to make it the most interesting show possible.  If that means bumping a segment they'll do it, despite what they originally sent to the programming services. They have to send something to the program services, anything, by X-date and X-time of day, and after that they cannot withdraw the listing or alter it.

In local news, where I used to work and Rich my husband still does, all the viewing public knows is the news anchors are sitting there and they read and present one story after another, and it seems calm and in a manner of presentation that seems like it was always meant to be.  Backstage, however, you have no idea that the production crew and news management may have made multiple decisions to lead the show with such and such a story, but some breaking news happens and they have to change things and the order of stories to reflect that, or bump a story from 5 pm to 6 pm and then again from 6 pm to the late night news 'cause they cannot fit it in.  And they can make these decisions right on up to 5-minutes or less before air time.  

If a story seems "evergreen" (it's not that timely for a date or time or event about to take place) some stories can air a day or two later, in local news.  Most feature stories or human interest stories can be like that.

As long as Disney wedding airs on ET at all, or I suspect it's a feature story for "Sweeps" and you realize there is a relationship between Disney, Brides Magazine and ET, it's an "evergreen feature story".  I think it's supposed to be a three-parter, since our DVR showed it airing in February three-days consecutively.  It's great for a large audience and for a nice pleasant "made you look" for Sweeps months.  But it's not tied to an event about to take place.  They kept bumping a ssegment about Elizabeth Taylor turning age 75, for instance, but they finally did air it since the real birthday was at hand and it was time-sensitive.  The Disney wedding segment is big and lovely, I assume, but not "time sensitive" as long as it airs before a possible Brides Magazine issue about Disney Weddings, or as long as it airs before Year of a MIllion Dreams is over in late September, 2007.  Spring and June are big weddings months, and Year of a Million Dreams Diney parks promotion can go on 'til September 30 (the end of Disneys 2007 Fiscal Year).  This segment on ET can go great for May Sweeps.  

Just hang in there.   Record it if you see it, don't bet the farm the segment actually airs 'til you speed cue through it and actually see it.  A clue:  Even all news channels will be a'buzz about prevailing entertainment news.  If there's a lot of chatter on CNN, Fox, MSNBC about Hollywood celebs going over the top it's warranting lead story news status, figure roughly ET will also go overboard with it, and if that Disney wedding segment was scheduled there's a likelihood of it being bumped again.  If nothing much like that is leading the news, and the segment is scheduled, then maybe in fact it will finally air.
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Quick Reply: Entertainment Tonight Disney Wedding: Didn't Air!
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