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Topic: "Save Disney Steam": WDW Steam Train Support Group< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Mar. 29, 2014, 10:18 am Quote

I know Disney Echo is much less patronized in 2014.  However some people may find our site and this posting in the Disney Trains and Monorails Forum when online surfing, and other formerly active past Disney Echo members sometimes "stop in" "seeing what's going on", etc.

I heard recent Disney news regarding the possible elimination of the steam locomotive trains at WDW's Magic Kingdom park.  Felt I had to share, even though activity on Disney Echo website isn't what it used to be.

Hat tip: Carolwood Pacific Historical Society on Facebook, a non-profit group preserving Walt Disney's home train barn building and his train-related artifacts at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  Walt Disney and his family lived on Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills in Southern California and he named his backyard rail road hobby accordingly.  After his death Walt's now late daughter Diane Disney Miller donated Walt's train buildings and tools and belongings to a non-profit group that promised to take good care of it. Somehow they heard word about what's below and posted on Facebook about it.  

Walt Disney and Ward Kimball and some of Walt's animators developed a love of home railroading as a hobby and a socializing way to relax and unwind from the workaday world and develop friendships among each other.  Many Disney fans who've taken the extra step of reading Walt Disney biographies will know of his love of railroading.

Part of the history of Disney theme parks that a lot of people enjoy, if they delve into even a little of Walt's biography, is their "authenticity", they researched elements they put into their parks to make it seem "real" and bring their patrons into the stories of those parks.  Having steam locomotives is part of that striving for authenticity and "heart".  Any corporation can build a theme park and create a "look".  Disney's Imagineers strove to not just put in a "look" but to make it more authentic than shallow and superficial, to "care" and to have that "care" show, to also install "heart" into the design and building process.  Any of us who grew up attending Disney parks then when adult also bring our own children to them, we know that level of "care" "heart" "authenticity" which other theme or amusement parks don't always "care" to show.

I'm "helping" by also spreading the word.  I'm hoping you, the reader of this posting, will be so moved and also help by spreading the word online to any Disney places you visit.  Please do consider helping.  Spread the word!

So PLEASE read on.  This is more or less what I've posted around to the formerly active Disney Echo members on Facebook, my husband's newsfeed there, both of our Disney Echo pages there and the Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum page on Facebook.

From the website, quoting:

"The steam engines of the Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom in Florida are reportedly in trouble, as management looks to replace them with diesel engines that look like steam engines.

While many wouldn’t notice the difference or care, the steam engines at Disneyland were a favorite of Walt Disney, and that legacy was carried forth to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida.

What can you do to help save these historic steam engines? Stay tuned!"  

End of quoted material.

Here's their Facebook page to "like", anyone wanting to support and learn more can also "follow" them on Twitter. Please spread the word online to fellow Disney, Disney parks, Disney trains fans as well as fans of Walt Disney, Ward Kimball, etc.


On their Facebook page if you hunt for it is a link to an online petition.  Others who post to the Facebook page are hearing and can confirm this news is very plausible.

Any help you can offer by spreading the word would be appreciated by this group.  Thanks in advance....

:bowdown:  :down:  :WaltDisney:  :WaltDisney2:  :WaltDisney3:  :WaltEpcot:  :computer:

If you like the Disney theme park trains and the idea that Walt Disney's hobby, and the hobby of some of his animators, was back yard railroads and liking steam locomotives, please also pursue :

--The book "Walt Disney's Railroad Story :  The Small-Scale Fascination That Led to a Full-Scale Kingdom" by Michael Broggie,  The Donning Company Publishers, published 1997, 2005, 2006.  ISBN 1-57864-309-0, and in Library of Congress.  Broggie is son of one of Walt's Imagineers. He wrote a wonderful book about how Walt's interests in trains as a hobby developed following key life experiences in Walt's past, and then formed one of the rationales behind Walt founding Disneyland and featuring a steam locomotive there as a park attraction.  FASCINATING book for fans of Walt and fans of the Disney theme parks and fans of railroads/steam engines.  Search online for it, also for sale by Carolwood Pacific Historical Society store online.  WELL WORTH OWNING !!!  Honestly, once you get started it's quite intriguing, like walking inside Walt Disney's mind and thinking processes !  The retail price might seem hefty and it's weight once you hold it very heavy... BUT, it's got rare photos and a very fascinating biographical and historical perspective on one aspect of Walt's life, the lives of his animators and Imagineers, and the history of Disneyland and consequently all Disney parks featuring a train (steam locomotive, a real historical one and not a fabrication or replica ) going around the berm of the park.  Yes.  Buy it.  Trust me !

--Supporting the non-profit Carolwood Pacific Historical Society to preserve Walt's train-related objects and his memory, either a donation, membership or both.

--"Like" Carolwood Pacific Historical Society and Walt's Train Barn pages on Facebook, and their equivalent Twitter feeds.

--"Like" The Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum on Facebook and any related Twitter feeds.  The Museum is in the Presidio area of San Francisco and has many artifacts and exhibits explaining and celebrating the life of Walt Disney.  

--Visit the Walt Disney family Museum in San Francisco CA and Walt's Train Barn in Griffith Park in Los Angeles CA.  Look before your visit, especially to the Train Barn, before you visit, days they are open to the public may be limited.

PS:  My son grew up liking Thomas the Tank Engine very much, and my late grandfather on my mother's side of the family was a small town train station depot manager.  If you like Thomas the Tank Engine you like steam locomotives automatically, even within the various Thomas shows and books they tend to not like diesel engines.  If you enjoy when visiting Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim CA the steam locomotive trains circling those parks, then you like steam locomotives.  If your spouse does too, if your children do too, if your adult son-daughter and their families and their children do too, then this news and invitation to advocacy is for you ! If you look back on Walt Disney's life and legacy and history, and the history of his Imagineers and Animators, the history of the Disney theme parks, with pride and admiration, then this advocacy invitation is to you.  If all that is you, please consider spreading the word about "Save Disney Steam" !

Thanks for reading, for visiting today !

If you pass this word along...

Please share the actual website URL link to Save Disney Steam, the actual Facebook or Twitter or other URLS to Save Disney Steam, and not this page on Disney Echo.  Those links refer people you want to interest about his subject matter directly to the information.  Thanks for understanding !  It helps the cause faster.  Now... spread the word !

:thumbsup:  :computer:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Mar. 29, 2014, 12:43 pm Quote

On a different note, unrelated, I've just heard this about the Lilly Belle train car at Disneyland.  

The gist: The Lilly Belle rear train car, created to honor Walt Disney's wife Lillian Disney by Walt, is going to be restricted as to who may ride in there at Disneyland.  

Used to be if you could show a valid membership card to the non-profit Carolwood Pacific Historical Society (see prior post) you could have the rare privilege of riding in that car for one or two stops at Disneyland.  Sorry to hear apparently it is now heading to VIPs.  I can definitely see why they don't let just anyone ride... It's beautiful but carefully furnished in original furnishings, so they want people who can respect that and be careful back there (doesn't apply to very young kids or indifferent-type people, riding in there is like riding in a preserved museum) but still....

You may have to log onto Facebook to read this and the Comments :

Support the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society with a donation, a paid membership in it, and logging onto and "liking" and "following" what they do in online social media page feeds.  Through this you will learn more about Walt Disney and his love of trains.

And spread the word about Disney train news to your Disney friends online !

A legacy and living link to the people-friendly aspects of who Walt Disney was as a human being and American icon is being lost, both to probably wanting to save money (the losing of steam trains at WDW ) and make money (reserving for VIP's-only being able to see the Lilly Belle at Disneyland).

If you visit Disneyland at Anaheim CA and can take the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour" it's hugely worthwhile, and if that includes the rare treat to ride in the Lilly Belle, then definitely do that!  

Otherwise we are losing the ability to treasure and honor the past a la Walt Disney and who he was and what he built.

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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Mar. 29, 2014, 4:55 pm Quote

In addition to spreading the word, there is an online petition with a growing list of signatures on it, please let others know about the petition, too.  Please also consider signing it yourself, get others to also sign it, and spread news about it.  Here's the link:

Thanks !

:bowdown:  :pixiedust:

PS:  Since Disney Echo gets very few registered members logging on and participating anymore, this news posted today's date March 29, 2014 may eventually get "old" and outdated.  Before acting to spread the word or sign the petition, do relevant online searches, especially if a LOT of time passes between the date I'm posting this ( March 29, 2014 ) and the time you find this news in this Forum and Topic.  Look at Save Disney Steam's website and Facebook page and their Twitter feed, and the petition website, to see if there are updates after March 29, 2014.  If things still seem to be going on actively, then yes by all means please spread the word.

Again, thanks !

Carolwood Pacific Historical Society:

On Facebook:

Their Website:

Walt’s Train Barn:

Store link, look in “Books & Publications” for “Walt Disney’s Railroad Story” book I described earlier.  The book apparently is out of print but a waiting list is being created at the website. A .pdf is available for sale… If it’s illustrated it’s worth owning.  431 pages in our hardcover book. :

On older editions are apparently appreciating in value and cost quite a lot in 2014 !

This cover resembles the copy we own’s cover.  Our copy is dated 2006.

The Walt Disney Family Museum website.  The Museum is in the Presidio part of San Francisco CA. Info, and days and hours of operation, admission costs, membership costs, donation information, an online store, and info about changing exhibits are at this link.  Probably part of the overall visit will cover Walt's love of steam trains and his backyard railroad the Carolwood Pacific.  The Museum is NOT affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, but is owned and operated independently of it.  However, they frequently get famous Disney speakers to the Museum, making planning a trip there if you're in the S.F. Bay Area well worth your time.

:pixiedust:  :computer:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: April 21, 2014, 10:21 am Quote

Reassuring update on Facebook : Disregard original earlier postings I did, above.

My husband Rich received this message 04 / 21 / 2014 and I'm passing it along as he is, too.


To: Members of the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society

From: Michael Broggie

While our Society doesn't engage in rumors, lately there's been a flurry of misinformation and assumptions surrounding the possible conversion to Diesel-hydraulic, or the replacement, of the vintage Baldwin steam engines at Walt Disney World. This message is to inform our members that this is not going to happen, now or for the foreseeable future. Please share this information with anyone who values Walt's legacy of preserving America's steam railroad history.

Thank you.

Michael Broggie


Thanks, Disney fans, for distributing Mr. Broggie's note to anywhere, anyone, you informed about SaveDisneySteam. It's important to distribute this information that Mr. Broggie wants communicated.

My apologies.  Thanks for your help in distributing Mr. Broggie's message.
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