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Topic: Disney Parks TV - Week of 12/15/14< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
tvkirby Offline
Kirby Bartlett-Sloan

Disney DVD, TV And Video modEARator

Group: ModEARator
Posts: 527
Joined: Sep. 2003
Posted: Dec. 15, 2014, 9:15 pm Quote

The Disney Parks TV listings for the week of 12/15/14 have been posted to


Three new listings for this coming Sunday evening/Monday morning Dec 21-22 on Turner Classic Movies - See Below
"The Disneyland Story"
"The Reluctant Dragon"
"Third Man on the Mountain"


Please Note - All times listed are for the Eastern Time Zone. Adjust Accordingly. Listings are subject to change. I am not responsible for changes made by the stations


On Wednesday December 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Food Network is

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Guy's Disney Holiday
  Host Guy Fieri makes a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, where he explores the theme park's delicious, holiday treats and meals including a gingerbread house, Yule log, candy canes and Christmas Eve dinner with dishes from the Napa Rose.


On Friday December 19, 2014 from 02:38 AM to 03:16 AM on TVLAND is

Roseanne - We're Going to Disney World
  The family goes wild with plans to travel to Disney World when Dan brings home his final paycheck from the garage.


On Friday December 19, 2014 from 03:16 AM to 03:54 AM on TVLAND is

Roseanne - Disney World War II
  Fireworks and fanfare accompany the Conners on a whirlwind tour of Disney World in Florida. Darlene: Sara Gilbert. Bev: Estelle Parsons. Dan: John Goodman. David: Johnny Galecki. Mark: Glenn Quinn. Roseanne: Roseanne.


On Sunday December 21, 2014 from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Nickelodeon is

Full House - The House Meets the Mouse - Part 1
  Jesse lands a gig playing in Disney World and the whole family decides they'll come along; Michelle wins a contest electing her princess for a day.

This show will repeat
Monday December 22, 2014 from 04:57 AM to 05:30 AM


On Sunday December 21, 2014 from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on TCM - Turner Classic Movies is

The Disneyland Story  
  Viewers are invited to join host Walt Disney as the pioneering cartoonist unveils a presentation for his brand new theme park, called Disneyland, along with highlights on his beloved, colorful characters, including Mickey Mouse.


On Sunday December 21, 2014 from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Nickelodeon is

Full House - The House Meets the Mouse - Part 2
  Michelle feels very lonely during her adventures around Disney World without the rest of the Tanner family there with her, and when Stephanie finally finds her, she becomes annoyed by her sister's really depressing behavior.

This show will repeat
Monday December 22, 2014 from 05:30 AM to 06:00 AM


On Sunday December 21, 2014 from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM on TCM - Turner Classic Movies is

The Reluctant Dragon  
  While searching for Walt at the Walt Disney Studios, humorist Richard Benchley gets a behind-the-scenes look at the animation process and views a few cartoons.


On Monday December 22, 2014 from 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM on TCM - Turner Classic Movies is

Third Man on the Mountain
  This movie inspired the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland Park. In Switzerland during the late 1800s, a strong-minded young man, whose beloved father died while climbing an unsalable mountain, becomes determined to conquer the peak himself, despite the many dangers which surround it.

Disney Theme Parks Related TV
Disney Echo Disney DVD, TV & Video message forum modEARator
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Dec. 19, 2014, 6:24 am Quote

Cable-satellite channel TCM is working with The Walt Disney Company and will air a program block "Treasures from the Disney Vault" about 4-6 times a year.  What's below is a detailed listing of the first event of it.  You're on your own to check out TCM listings regularly for future program blocks.  Likely the content will change each time it airs.  if you like the vintage Disney shows, consider recording to keep the shows in an archive of some kind, or to view when you have time.

Here is a link to the program listings for the first Turner Classic Movies “Treasures from the Disney Vault” programming block Sunday December 21, 2014.  Check your local cable and satellite provider for channel number and times local to you.

PS :  Some people have cut the cord with cable TV and satellite channel providers, and watch live-streaming from online instead.  For those people, look to iTunes Apps Store, or similar Apps Stores for computers, mobile devices and tablets, to download the Turner Classic Movies App to be able to view the program marathon on your electronic devices.  You can also query your favor search engine “how to view live streaming of Turner Classic Movies”, play around with keywords, and follow whatever suggestions you may find.

PS : Consider recording the program block.  It starts during Christmas-New Year’s season and school break, people might be busy or traveling, and forget the shows are on or can’t stay up all night to watch the parts of the block airing in the wee hours of the following morning, a Monday morning potential work day for some people.  You also might want to keep the shows in a Disney vintage shows collection, to watch again and again.

PS: Consider Manually recording the whole block, you can set your DVR or TiVo to record several hours of programming continuously rather than one at a time.

All times are Eastern, translate to your local time zone, all shows air close captioned, and if you click the link and view each listing one at a time, there is an accompanying article associated with it, link to that provided.  You can buy Disney DVDs from the TCM store, explore the program listings page, expand the listing to see individual shows, and if a DVD is for sale a help link is provided for you to buy it.  

Program listing page for Sun. Dec. 21, 2014:

Block begins at 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT for 9-Hours of programming continuously

8 PM, 7-minutes
Chip an' Dale (1947)
Chip and Dale protect their acorn stash from Donald.

8 PM, 6-minutes
Santa's Workshop (1932)
Santa's little helpers must hurry to finish the toys before Christmas Day.

8 PM, 10-minutes
On Ice (1935)
Mickey shows off his ice-skating skills to Minnie while Goofy does some unconventional ice fishing.
Dir: Ben Sharpsteen

8:30 PM, 54-minutes
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Disneyland Story, The (1954)
In this pilot episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, Walt presents a preview for both his upcoming park called Disneyland.

9:30 PM, 74-minutes

Reluctant Dragon, The (1941)
Robert Benchley learns about the animation process at Walt Disney Studios while trying to pitch an idea for a cartoon.
Dir: Alfred L. Werker Cast:  Robert Benchley , Frances Gifford , Buddy Pepper .


D: Alfred L. Werker (live-action). Robert Benchley gets a tour of the Walt Disney studio in this pleasant feature that incorporates a number of first-rate cartoon sequences (Baby Weems, The Reluctant Dragon), offers some interesting glimpses of studio at work. Clarence "Ducky'' Nash and Florence Gill do cartoon voices, Ward Kimball animates Goofy, Frances Gifford shows Benchley around, and young Alan Ladd appears as one of the story men. Opens in b&w, turns to beautiful Technicolor hues.
REVIEW: *** out of 4 Stars

11 PM, 93-minutes
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955)
Legends and myths from the life of famed American frontiersman Davey Crockett.
Dir: Norman Foster Cast:  Fess Parker , Buddy Ebsen , Basil Ruysdael .


D: Norman Foster. Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen, Basil Ruysdael, Hans Conried, William Bakewell, Kenneth Tobey. Originally filmed as three segments for Disney's TV show, this created a nationwide phenomenon in 1955; it's still fun today with Parker as famous Indian scout and Ebsen as his pal George Russel, whose adventures take them from Washington, D.C., to the Alamo.
REVIEW: *** out of 4 Stars

12:45 AM, 71-minutes
Vanishing Prairie, The (1954)
Story of the American Prairie as it was when vast herds of bison and elk grazed.
Dir: James Algar Cast:  Winston Hibler ,


D: James Algar. Narrated by Winston Hibler. Disney's second True-Life Adventure feature provides astonishing footage of animal life in the great plains, including the birth of a buffalo calf. Fine presentation with little Disney gimmickry; Academy Award winner.
REVIEW: *** out of 4 Stars

2 AM, 107-minutes
Third Man on the Mountain (1959)
A boy attempts to realize his father's dream of climbing an alpine peak known as the Citadel. (The film basis for Disneyland theme park attraction “Matterhorn Bobsleds”.)
Dir: Ken Annakin Cast:  Michael Rennie , James MacArthur , Janet Munro .


D: Ken Annakin. James MacArthur, Michael Rennie, Janet Munro, James Donald, Herbert Lom, Laurence Naismith. Fine Disney adventure about Swiss boy (MacArthur) determined to climb the Matterhorn (here called the Citadel) who learns more than just mountain-climbing in his dogged pursuit. Look quickly to spot MacArthur's mother Helen Hayes in a cameo as tourist.
REVIEW: *** out of 4 Stars

4 AM, 49-minutes
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Perilous Assignment (1959)
Episode six of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color looks at many of the far-off locations where Disney's crew have gone. (“Making of…” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and “Third Man on the Mountain” movies , basis of Disneyland theme park rides “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarines” and “Matterhorn Bobsleds”. )

4:50 AM, 8-minutes
White Peril (1956)
This short film shows members of a "snow patrol" at work in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

Block ends at 5 AM ET / 4 AM CT for 9-Hours of programming continuously
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Quick Reply: Disney Parks TV - Week of 12/15/14
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