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Topic: The Hollywood Rules, how we act around here...< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
DezineWiz Offline
Daniel Rappaport

Disney EchoEar Advanced

Group: Members
Posts: 32
Joined: Aug. 2004
Posted: Aug. 22, 2006, 11:39 pm Quote

Hmmm... About W.D.I.

Where do I begin?  What do you want to know?  Hollywood politics is Hollywood politics.  Let's have lunch??  :hungry:

I would imagine that in order to become an Imagineer, you would need to first off gain some skills, perhaps at a good school.  I would DEFINITELY recommend the FIDM film/video program.  They are VERY VERY well connected!

Do something like composing, video editing, engineering, etc..  Then, get yourself a job in the industry somewhere!  I am lucky enough to currently have a producing internship through my school.  

You HAVE to be ambitious, and put yourself out there, but not step on anyone's toes in the process.  We are a spoiled, sensative town, and you HAVE to learn how to work with us!    Remember, studios have huge walls around them FOR A REASON!  Take that as a metaphor for our souls!    ... :hearts:

It is kind of funny how Hollywood works.  You either revel in it, or pack your bags and leave!  Oh, and don't take anyone ripping your work apart to heart!  If someone says it sucks, is crap, etc.. pick your head up, move on, and remember that one in ten will usually like it.  If not, go another direction!  Explore something else!  But, for heaven's sake, don't stop!  This town, and ESPECIALLY Imagineering, I would imagine, has TONS of different arenas open - from food, to merchandising, to fashion, to set building, dressing, etc.. You get the picture.  If you are good enough, a position will generally be created for you.  That's my guess as to why studios never really have too many creative positions posted on their websites.

Once you have skills, PUT THEM TO GOOD WORK!!  Make a portfolio, a reel, a menu, boards, whatever!  Just get your work down in an organized, and skillful way.  And, for heaven's sake, make it look good!  If you are making a website, GET A BOOK ON GRAPHIC DESIGN BEFORE YOU POST IT!!  You don't want your gorgeous reel to be overshadowd by your half hazard graphic design skills - as an example.

Once you have your "big break", DON'T STOP!!  ALWAYS underpromise and overdeliver!  Work hard!  But, don't step on anyone's toes in the process!  Example - if you are going to build a model, and you want to change something - BUILD ANOTHER ONE with your changes, and present both!  If you don't know, ASK!  If they are professional enough, they will answer your questions correctly without too much hassle.  I really don't think anyone in this town is out to harm anyone, if you remain on their good side!

Well, I think I have given enough of the "Hollywood Rules" away for one posting.

:sorcerer:  :pixiedust:

Good luck out there!

Magically Always,

Daniel Rappaport

:sorcerer:  :pixiedust:

And, I just wanted to add -

"*IMAGINEER A.S.A.P.! :-)*, Networking questions...", I may have very well answered some of my own questions! LOL...

I have been doing some detailed research lately... :-)

Thanks for playing!

With Pixie Dust and a Computer,


If you're heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme!

"Always say "yes" first, then go off and figure it out."
-The Imagineers

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Quick Reply: The Hollywood Rules, how we act around here...
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