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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

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Posted: April 26, 2009, 8:29 am Quote

This is a new 2009 show on the WE network on cable-satellite.  It repeats somewhat frequently since it's first airing a month or two ago, here's it's latest repeat date and time.  If you miss it, keep checking WE network online listings or check the Disney TV Forum for TVKirby's weekly Disney theme-park-related TV show listings, or program your TiVo or DVR to keyword search for Disney and it'll pop up.

On Sunday May 3, 2009 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT/ 3:00-4:00 PM CDT, or check your program listings, on Women's Entertainment Network is
Disney's Dream Weddings
Cameras follow couples tying the knot at Walt Disney World.

Show is more like an infomercial for the involvement of star wedding planner David Tutera's newest collaboration with Disney:  Wedding couples choose one of six pre-set wedding reception "theme designs" at WDW which David designed.  According to their budget and tastes, each design is customizable for the couple's own tastes, the size of their event, whatever they want.  But you know at the outset what to generally expect of each theme as per it's flowers, lighting, seating, decor, maybe it's menu and cake, but also how much it'll cost. With wedding events having to have budgets (watch enough of the WE channel's wedding shows and you learn fast how often the planning goes not just over budget but 'way over budget) and at Disney the glitz and Pixie Dust washes off fast once you hear what Disney charges for their wedding events, it's Disney stepping up to the plate by offering pre-set wedding receptions scapes with pre-set prices and pre-set "This is what it'll look like and be like" expectations so everybody is knowledgeable and on same pages up front a contract signing and check writing/credit card swiping time.

So the show has one bride who picked one of David Tutera's theme wedding receptions at Disney and getting to work with Tutera himself on customizing it for her big day.  You do see glimpses of the other designs.  The design that is picked has a theme of bubbles (like champagne bubbles) so you see the set up of all that during the show.

If you're a bride on a bare bones budget, such as can only afford a small outdoor wedding at a WDW gazebo with a few close loved ones and a cake, Tutera has thought of you, too, and has one of his design packages for that type of wedding, and you'll see it in the show.  If you want a cocktails/light foods type reception-only, but slick and sophisticated, Tutera's thought of you, too.  Then it goes up and fancier from there.  The designs can include specific decoration of the Disney Wedding pavilion (aka the wedding chapel near the Grand Floridan resort) according to the David Tutera pre-planned theme you contract with Disney to use.

The volume of weddings on WDW property are such that probably Disney wanted to hire a celebrity wedding planner as an outside consultant/contractor to add cache as well as help streamline the process and help offer some pre-planned structure and pricing to couples who are from outside Orlando and who might need help in pulling some ideas together to make their event special (or make up their minds, or stay in budget, or "let go and let Disney...", or have something that looks good for the design challenged, something... ;) ).  They do mention in the show you have the option to customize Tutera's basic plans for each of his six wedding reception designs or totally do whatever you'd rather do, including not using any of Tutera's designs.

No prices are disclosed, but you are informed and shown, then assume based on that, which themes are the most affordable, and which are for those who have no problems affording it.

Also none of the Tutera designs have Disney characters nor are overtly Disney in any way.  You can get those elements from Disney wedding planning services, of course.  At a price. ;)  There's a wedding planning show that airs sometimes on Food Network about Disney weddings which features a lot of Disney characters and Disney wedding cakes with castles on them.  Be watching for that, too, it reruns sometimes but it's getting rarer to see it.

Give it a look.  Very dazzling!  :thumbsup:
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Quick Reply: WE Network Special "Disney Dream Weddings"
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