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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

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Posted: Mar. 26, 2012, 8:02 am Quote

What a shame to hear this news, famed Disney animator Glen Keane quit Disney Feature Animation.  Reading down in the Comments I learned Andreas Deja left there, too.  

Swirling speculation in Comments at the two links below:  Did Glen Keane leave due to health problems, or to take up teaching or an entrepreneurship opportunity?  Is it an internal power or management struggle, could perhaps John Lasseter be rubbing people the wrong way, does Disney revere youth culture in it's workplace and make life so difficult for older more veteran workers (no matter their past accomplishments or successes) that they force-quit such people to create more room at the bottom for entry-level (and cheaper to insure, cheaper employee benefits to pay for) younger blood, is Disney Studios under President Rich Ross going down the tubes, since Disney bought Marvel are they counting more on Marvel movies and less on Pixar and traditional Disney studio and animated movies to make hits with audiences?  Is Glen Keane going to hang out for the time frame of "non-compete" clauses in his Disney contract then be scooped up by a rival animation studio?

There are Comments at the links, check 'em out.  Quoting:

Longtime Disney Animator Glen Keane Quits
By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Sunday March 25, 2012 @ 1:16pm PDT

Veteran animator Glen Keane resigned Friday from Walt Disney Animation Studios. With nearly four decades of Disney experience, Keane worked on title characters for Disney movies including The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Aladdin and Tarzan and more recently the Rapunzel character in Tangled. Earlier in his career at Disney, he worked on The Rescuers and Pete’s Dragon. Keane emailed the notice of his resignation to studio coworkers. Disney confirmed Keane’s exit with this statement: “After an incredible 38-year career as an animator, storyteller, and filmmaking pioneer with Walt Disney Animation Studios, Glen Keane has decided that the time has come to take the next step in his personal exploration of the art of animation. As much as we are saddened by his departure, we respect his desires and wish him the very best with all his future endeavors.”

End of quoted material.

Full text of Glen Keane's Disney Resignation Letter (I wonder how stuff like this that used to be private years ago leaks out….)


EXCLUSIVE: Full Text of Glen Keane’s Disney Resignation Letter

March 23, 2012 5:16 pm

March 23, 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Walt Disney Animation Studio,

After long and thoughtful consideration, I have decided to leave Disney Animation.

I am convinced that animation really is the ultimate art form of our time with endless new territories to explore. I can’t resist it’s siren call to step out and discover them.

Disney has been my artistic home since September 9,1974. I owe so much to those great animators who mentored me—Eric Larson, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston—as well as to the many other wonderful people at Disney whom I have been fortunate to work with in the past nearly 38 years.

Over these four decades I have seen so many changes, but the one thing that remains the same is that we all do this because we love it.

I am humbled and deeply honored to have worked side by side so many artists, producers and directors during my career here at Disney, and I am tremendously proud of the films which together we have created. I will deeply miss working with you.

With my most sincere and heartfelt good wishes for your and Disney’s continued artistic growth and success,


End of quoted material.

There are Comments at this link, too

I've gotta say "Thanks" to Glen Keane because some of Disney's beloved animated films and characters are the result of his talent.  Even the most recent movie "Tangled", despite critics, was a fresh funny take on the tried and true Disney Princess movie-European fairy tale family animated film.  

But sometimes despite talent and proven success in a highly competitive movie industry with movie moguls breathing down your neck on one side and changing audiences and changing times, perhaps aging too, also going on, sometimes consistency of output is difficult and challenging to maintain.  "Treasure Planet" is one of the huge flops of Disney animation, while Michael Eisner was CEO, so even though you helped work on hits like "Beauty and the Beast" success is not always assured even at the highest levels of talent and creativity.  

It's mentioned in some of the Comments that Andreas Deja left a year ago, too.  What a shame.

I just wish Glen Keane luck, many thanks.....  And if secularly speaking Walt Disney is looking in on the situation from his version of heaven that Walt sends Pixie Dust and solace Glen's way.  Anyone who abruptly quits had to feel against the wall with no other way out.  I hope Glen Keane finds peace and sure direction and success from this point forward.


What has Glen Keane worked on at Disney that you've heard of?  Check out Internet Movie Database :


Here's a Wikipedia version of Glen Keane's biography, his late father was syndicated cartoonist Bill Keane who drew "The Family Circus" for newspapers.

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Quick Reply: Shocker: Glen Keane Leaves Disney Animation
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