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Topic: Website Hard Times< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: June 10, 2011, 2:26 pm Quote

For Disney fans who wanted the best information about home video releases to DVD and in recent years Blu-ray the best fan website out there is/was .  A couple of years ago, to broaden the base of what the website covers, the site admin expanded to reviewing Disney in-theater movies as well as, eventually, all DVDs and Blu-Rays in commercial release. is the current name of the site.

The DVD reviews of Disney films or shows were always absolutely intelligently written, and technically knowledgable about quality of old film restoration, quality of film to video or film to digital transfer, audio, extra features, and Disney film history, and history of prior Disney home video releases.  They used to receive advance free copies of Disney home video products to review.  Their release calendar was always up-to-date, so you could know what was coming and when.

On a Facebook newsfeed this article appeared today.  It's too long to copy and paste the whole article, but here's the link:

"Google Hell"

The gist is after ten years of being a class act online Google earlier this year found something out of compliance for their listings for search engine registration about and won't tell the site admin exactly what's out of whack.  

Since most people use Google to find websites, this has hurt DVDizzy's hit results.  Their traffic is down, plus to earn an income from the number of hits that part of Google's partnering has resulted in significant loss of material income (real money) to the site admin.  The site admin tells a story of having to retool each individual webpage of DVDizzy to be in compliance with Google's quality standards (ten year website x many reviews and press release pages and chat forum pages....  you do the math about how much work that would take).  Bing and Yahoo are not that picky, but Google is the big corporate search engine most use.

Scrolling through the link, the author tells it best.

The site is not going away.....yet.  But the site admin says if he can't resolve matters with Google it's a matter of time before he has to move or close it or do something else.

The part of the site I most would rely on is the Disney DVD release calendar.  Checking it today, it's woefully outdated.  No 2011 DVD releases are listed, which is crazy since Disney is in fact releasing home videos.  You have to get news from the home page central news column, which does include some Disney release news in it.  

If you read the article closely, the author mentions the possibility of a hacking.  In the world of international news there is activity of those in the middle east engaging in cyber-terrorism against western entities.  A local parochial high school near us had their site hacked with weird middle eastern/Arabic-style writing and images.  It can happen to even the best of people, businesses, mom and pop sites, schools, etc.  

Also interest in DVDs and Blu-rays are markedly slacking in the marketplace.  Mostly people do pay-per-view, Redbox rentals, and Netflix (or similar online services, iTunes, and etc.) downloads.  It's just cheaper.  Folks and families now realize in an economic pinch such as what we have now that some DVDs get watched only a couple of times, then just sit on shelves.  Home video rental stores are closing or declaring bankruptcy more and more.  Hollywood itself isn't making as many movies that people truly want to see anymore, that translates down the line to fewer DVD and Blu-ray sales.  Emerging is home video 3-D TV and video playback technology, but you have to buy/wear special glasses to see it just like at movie theaters and the price point for the technology is still expensive, along with the content problem: Hollywood isn't making movies any more that people want to see or even eventually own for the long term.  

When you have a fan site for Disney's part in that industry, as well as the whole home video entertainment industry, and people are starting to opt for other newer means to get movie-TV show content, then these current trends are bad news for your niche base of users and for you as site admin.

Disney also is constantly reissuing older titles. This was in the tradition of Walt Disney himself always re-releasing older film titles to theaters every 7 years for new audiences to enjoy.  Unfortunately the downside potential in the technological age is a glut of lots of years of releases of the same title to Betamax, then VHS, then DVD, then Blu-Ray and who knows what in the future, we have downloads now.  Only the most devoted would by newer versions of the same movies or extra features.  You can rent at a public library, or swap hand-me-downs in a family or yard sale, and save money.  Most people are not passionate about Disney, they just want decent family entertainment.  They no longer care about the craftspeople of days gone by and how a movie was drawn, animated, or made.  Film fans and Disney film fans are a niche interest-hobby.  Disney doesn't even make the wonderful but limited edition Walt Disney Treasures collection of DVDs of very vintage film and cartoon and theme park video stuff.  No market in it.  Easier and more lucrative and cost efficient to put things online, charge a yearly subscription plus cost each one out, and have people download content.  "Cloud" technology.

If goes down it will be a big loss to Disney fans.  Their reviews of Disney films were highly intelligent, better than most general DVD reviewers' writings.

Even though our own Disney fan site has less traffic, there are still those who log on and read here.  I wanted to pass this news along, just to let fellow Disney fans know.

You can still visit there and look them up on Facebook.  If you visit the site itself and want Disney film-home video news, look on the homepage central column as far back in the past as you want to go, then on the far left hand menu look for Discussion Forums, something like that, and then for Disney related forums and topics.  On the far right menu column there is a link to Disney DVD release schedule, but trust me, it hasn't been updated.

Since this misfortune struck the person running the site is overwhelmed with work and with an income decrease.  That would explain some lack of updating parts of the site.  Pray for this site and the site admin and it's regular users/send Pixie Dust thoughts their way.  Using and exploring their site and possibly making purchases through their links, if you choose to do so, would help them.

:praying:   :pixiedust:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: June 10, 2011, 5:08 pm Quote

I've challenged Disney Echo members in the Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust Forum to a Summer Challenge: To do a Random Act of Kindness for someone they encounter, someone or an organization or worthy charity in great need.  Well, "Randomly" in my Facebook news feed today was the above item about the "Google Hell" situation is experiencing.

I've spread the word on Facebook to Disney-related Friends and some Disney fan sites there, including a Disney fan club.  Others will see the links.  Hopefully they will recall "Ultimate Disney" as a long time classy fan site and further hopefully spread the word.

Spreading the word, possibly also buying anything through's partner link, will help the site admin out and show to him the reality of that old Carole King song "You've Got a Friend" or the famous song from "Toy Story" "You've Got a Friend In Me" within the online Disney fan community.

Spreading the word would certainly fulfill the F, T & PD Forum's Summer Challenge of doing a Random Act of Kindness this summer.  Meditate or pray over it and if so moved to help fellow Disney fans in cyberspace, please just spread the word to fellow Disney fans you know and / or buy something through the links at the website.  No obligations, of course, it's something you do if you want to and you're equally as free to quietly and privately pass on it.  

But if you do help in even the littlest way:  Thanks.   :bowdown:   :pixiedust:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: June 11, 2011, 9:01 am Quote

Here is a link to the's discussion forum/Disney topics forum topic about what's going on :

If you go to Google and type only DVDizzy you will finally get a hit at the end of either pages four or five.  If you type in apparently you get top result.

Something happened back in February 2011 and Google admin informs the site admin of DVDizzy/Ultimate there's something wrong and they have to remove the site from the equivalent of a preferred status.  

You can find the site via Bing or Yahoo! but most people use Google.

His traffic is down a whopping 75% as a result.

Apparently this site admin was able to build a full time entrepreneurial job just by maintaining the site.... until February 2011.

No amount to jumping through technical or administrative hoops is pleasing Google that the site admin did nothing wrong or is pleasing Google he's doing what he can to live up to their standards.  They won't even disclose "why" in enough specifics so he can fix it!

He's got an ad for Nestle' on his site, as well as for .  If you buy through the links it helps the guy out financially, though if 75% of traffic was driven by Google searches prior to Feb 2011 75% traffic downturn as a customer base is going to be hard to overcome no matter how much stuff you buy, Disney or non-Disney, videos or anything else, through the site's link.

In the chat forum topic site members tell how you can find what you want at then copy and paste a specific code into the URL so that if you want to actually buy that item it gives credit so the site admin will get the partnership percentage out of it.  It costs you as consumer nothing extra, but pays website partners a little percentage of what Amazon makes as a bonus reward for steering potential customers to Amazon from their sites.  

The site admin started including non-Disney DVD titles years ago.  It dilutes the site.  But if you like movies, shows, made for DVDs, box sets, prospective new movies, shows, made for DVDs or box sets, Disney or non-Disney, search the site for excellent reviews.  

The reviews of any and all Disney titles are very top notch!  They don't pander or "gush Disney", they are intelligently written for the videophile or moviephile as well as for Disney fans.  Search for Disney titles they've reviewed in the past, you'll see what I mean, a class act.

Help if you can or want to.  Ongoing, I admit, with home video DVD or Blu-ray trends being what they are, it might be hard to remember to help this site admin for the longer term.  But if you can help him ease into or out of whatever situation he's going through now into something where he can continue to support himself, that is a Random Act of Kindness among online Disney fans.  

At least look up Disney-related reviews over there even if you only intend a $1 Redbox rental or a pay-per-view or a download you'll someday delete.  The site is great for reviews before you spend any kind of money or waste time, truly!
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