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RichKoster Offline
Rich Koster


Group: Super ModEARator
Posts: 29282
Joined: April 1992
Posted: July 02, 2005, 12:31 pm Quote

Yoo Hoo and aloha Disney EchoEars!

Besides the great NeverLand Club, other leisure activities listed here, and the kids' pirate cruise, (click on the links to view more about them), here is a typical list of Daily Activities which kids (as well as adults) can enjoy for free at the Polynesian Resort:
  • Arts and Crafts and Disney movies in the NeverLand Club (check for current times with Guest Services, but might be 12 pm - 4 pm)
  • Arts and Crafts in the Great Ceremonial House at Keiki Korner
  • Arcade Challenge (free play round at Moana Mickey Fun Hut)
  • Pool games at the Nanea Volcano Pool
  • Torch Lighting Ceremony outside the Great Ceremonial House
  • Hula Dancing in the Great Ceremonial House
Note that not all events are held every day/night so check with Guest Services or your Island Palm Press (resort newspaper) for the latest information.

Disney Echo modEARator / administratEAR
“Dreams Do Come True Down In New Orleans.”
Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"

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RichKoster Offline
Rich Koster


Group: Super ModEARator
Posts: 29282
Joined: April 1992
Posted: July 15, 2005, 2:29 pm Quote

Aloha, EchoEars!

Here are more tips for good times at the Polynesian Resort, from the Disney World & Orlando Unofficial Guide:

    • Spend some lazy time relaxing in a hammock on the beach.

    • If you like the music played around the resort, CDs are available at the gift shop.

    • Have your photo taken by the mini rainforest in the lobby, alongside the beautiful waterfall.

    • A must have for breakfast is the Tonga Toast from the Kona Cafe. French toast stuffed with banana - delicious! Also available on the room service menu. If you find yourself craving Tonga Toast once you return home, you can find the recipe here.

    • One of the more popular WDW restaurants can be found here - 'Ohana (meaning Family). Featuring an all-you-can-eat Polynesian feast at dinner cooked in the world's largest indoor firepit, along with hula dancing and coconut races!

    • A nice touch, unique to the Polynesian, is the lei that you receive on checking-in. Not staying at the Polynesian? You can purchase leis from one of the Resort's shops.

    • If you want to get into the spirit of things, check out the Hawaiian fashions in the shops.

    • Don't miss the Torch Lighting Ceremony, performed just outside the entrance to the Great Ceremonial House at 6pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

    • Whilst on the beach see if you can spot the wave machine that was installed under water when the Resort first opened. Use of the machine had to stop due to the waves causing beach erosion, although it was never removed.

    • If the main Nanea Volcano Pool is too crowded, try the quiet pool instead, which is actually larger.

    • Want to visit Epcot? To get to the TTC by monorail, requires stops at Grand Floridian Resort, Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary Resort. It would be quicker to walk to the TTC to get the express monorail to Epcot.

    • Buses going to the Animal Kingdom Park, Disney-MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney also pick guests up at the Contemporary and Grand Floridian. At peak times, it may be better to walk to the TTC and board a bus there.

    • Not in a hurry? Take the boat launch to the Magic Kingdom instead of the monorail, which can be crowded at peak times.

    • When getting the monorail from the Magic Kingdom, make sure you get the Resort monorail rather than the express monorail, which only stops at the TTC.

    • Throw a penny in the pond at the main entrance, it means that you want to return to the Resort!

    • One thing not to do, I just learned at another (nameless) board, is refer to the resort as the "Poly." That term is a racial slur akin to the "n" word et al. As many of the CMs there are natives of Hawaii and various South Pacific islands, the right thing to say is "Polynesian." (Yes, it takes longer to type, but this resort is all about relaxation, no? )

NOTE: This last tip is wrong -- and it was here on the Disney Echo were Steve / Tikiman first posted about it when he had heard that the use of "Poly" was a derogatory term -- but note that when he heard that the earlier information passed along to him was in error, he posted a retraction here on the Disney Echo, too. So remember, there is nothing wrong with using the shorter version of "Poly" when referring to the Polynesian Resort.

    • "Another good, completely unrelated tip for visitors during the winter months: Even though the pools are heated, the ambient air around them can get quite chilly, and this is exacerbated by the wind coming off the lake (same goes for CR and GF). So, on cold days the quiet pool (surrounded by longhouses that block the wind) might be a better choice than the Volcano pool (near the beach)." melish27

    • "I just returned from a weeklong stay at the Polynesian in November. While this is a lovely resort, it is a bit challenging for those of us who rely on ECVs and wheelchairs. I had faxed a room request to the resort 3 days prior to my arrival stating that I would be traveling alone and in an ECV, yet I did not need a full accessible room but did need an accessible building. Upon arrival, I was assigned to Raratonga, which is conveniently located next to the GCH. However, it does not have automatic doors, which make it nearly impossible to enter/exit on your own if you are in an ECV or W/C. The only longhouses with automatic doors are Tokelau and Rapa Nui.

      While the monorail is easily accessible from both the GCH and TTC, bus service from the Polynesian is nearly unmanageable for those of us on wheels. Because of the location of the bus stop, there is only a small area forward of the regular stop for the driver to lower the ramp for access into the bus. This area is not level and if the driver does not get the bus "just right", it can be dangerous. I tipped over twice. Also, because the resort is the second stop on the route, often the bus arrives so full from the Contemporary with standing passengers, etc, there is no room for the wheeled guest. To resolve these problems, I had to go to either the MK or Contemporary to have safe access to the buses.

      Also, inside the resort, the elevators are very small, leaving only minimal clearance between the ECV and the doors. I witnessed wheeled one guest unable to use the elevator as his ECV was too long and he could not retract the steering post due to his girth. He was very distraught at not being able to get upstairs to join his family for dinner." B Christie

    • When staying at the Hawaii longhouse if you want to get a table with a nice view at breakfast make sure you arrive when it opens. It gets crowded early."

EchoEars, what are your favorite things to do at the Polynesian Resort?
:confused: :hula2:

Disney Echo modEARator / administratEAR
“Dreams Do Come True Down In New Orleans.”
Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"

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polyfan4ever Offline

Polynesian Resort forum co-modEARator

Group: ModEARator
Posts: 2166
Joined: June 2004
Posted: July 15, 2005, 3:09 pm Quote

My first thing would be....just staying there!

We love absolutley everything at the Polynesian!  We especially love the CM's and how helpful and courteous they all seem to be.

We enjoy meeting folks in the lounge from all over the world.  Making new friends while making memories!

We love getting to know the staff at the Hawaii Longhouse when we stay.  They are sweeties!

Geez.....I could probably list things forever....but you just have to go there and really see why so many folks love the Polynesian!

Just gotta get there again soon!  Planning another adventure for July 06!

Love the relaxed "laid-back" feel of paradise!


Charline / polyfan4ever

Polynesian Resort forum co-modEARator
Magical Dreams & Wishes Travel
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