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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Dec. 24, 2016, 7:37 am Quote

Hi, thanks for stopping by Disney Echo, and that you found this Topic.

There's no chance the true owner of this site will close it down, even though the site is dormant. It's his computer, Internet lines, and operating system, the owner can do as he likes, and he's choosing to keep the site up.  Oh well, moving on.....

If you still intend to use this site :

Maybe if you surf around here some links and Topics info are still valid. Maybe..... Hmmmm....  Or maybe not !  Age takes its toll !

As a rule of thumb :  Don't bet the farm that info you find here in our Forums, Topics and Discussions, or links posted, are current. Most likely some info is evergreen, but other info is woefully old and dated and shouldn't be relied on.  Err on the side that 100% of every thing on this site is now too old, dated, to be useful.  See how old postings are by checking their Months, days, years.  

I posted more up to date and current ideas for Disney news, info, travel advice below.  Rely on what's below instead of Topics (grey button at top of this page) or our main page Index.  Trust me.  

We ask formerly registered members who return to visit :  ** Don't post.**  No one will see it, read it, answer it, and it's like painting graffiti on a deserted building.  A waste of your time.  Want Disney info?  Refer to what's below instead.

Spammers are thwarted !  Rich closed off the function of this site to accept new members.  Hence you won't see Viagra or Cialis ads, links to porn sites, links to get rich quick-work from home schemes and spams and scams, and whatever else spammers post.  No links to what will give you viruses, spam ware, malware.    

So here are REFERRALS to sites or social media pages with more up to date Disney news, info, travel advice, and online social chat.

"Like" these on Facebook, or find them on other social media and bookmark their websites : Disney's own website

Disney Pixar



Walt Disney Studios

Disney College Program

Theme Park Tourist


http : // allears . net (Deb Will's AllEarsNet . com website is a favorite Disney planning site, so when you look for it on Facebook it actually is titled like the website URL, just take the spaces out when looking for Deb's site or Facebook page ) .

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Friends of The Walt Disney Family Museum

MouseSavers . com

Disney California Adventure

Disneyland Annual Passholders



Disney Cruise Line

Disney World Passholders

Disneyland Today

Disney Parks Blog

Carolwood Society

The Daily Disney

Tikiman’s Unofficial Polynesian Resort Pages

Tours Departing Daily


The Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney’s Barn

Disneyana Fan Club

Walt Disney World



Mouse Planet

The Orlando Sentinel . com newspaper website, you want "Theme Park Rangers" and "The Daily Disney" two blogs they offer.

The Orange County Register newspaper website you want "Disneyland" blog site they offer.

Turner Classic Movies channel offers one night-overnight binge-watching marathon of "Treasures From The Disney Vault" about once per quarter/about 4 times a year.  Seems to be in March-June-September-December but you'll have to tediously haunt their Schedule (which only looks ahead two months) day by day to learn a specific date and schedule of programming.  It's a lot of oldies but goodies of very vintage Disney cartoons "Wonderful World of Disney", animated and live-action movies and nature documentaries, and into the 1970's and 1980s after Walt died program material. Best bets to know the programming are to "like" or "follow" TCM on social media, or follow the news feeds of Friends of The Walt Disney Family Museum or The Walt Disney Family Museum, or set a note for yourself to keep checking TCM's calendar of programming, or have your DVR or TiVo be looking for Disney and just keep checking.  

Travel Guide Books (the paper published kind, look for the year of publication in the title that corresponds to when your trip is ) :

--PassPorter for Walt Disney World and/or Disneyland

--PassPorter "Open Mouse" dedicated to Special Needs Disney travelers (allergies, special diets and vegetarians, mobility and endurance issues, fears, addictions, autism, small infants and young kids, etc.) How to comfortably navigate lines, include special needs items in the rooms, order special needs foods in advance at Disney restaurants, and how to work with Disney Guest Services for special needs travelers in your group, while at the same time non-special needs travelers in your group also are getting the info they want, the whole travel party served, inclusively and with detailed info so everyone is helped !  Excellent publication !

--PassPorter for Disney Cruise Line (the best guide for DCL ! )

(The PassPorter guidebooks you can order directly from their website, or buy at brick and mortar websites and various major online booksellers.  Some now only come in e-editions for tablets and book reading devices, or can be downloaded to smartphones.  Their website also has chat forums so you can ask any questions you have.)

Unofficial Guides to Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Birnbaum Official Guides to Walt Disney World and Disneyland


Use OFFICIAL ones from Disney itself

My Disney Experience


Disney World

Shop Parks

Touring Plans (third party, same place that offers the Unofficial Guides to WDW and Disneyland )

Touring Plans Lines (third party, same place that offers the Unofficial Guides to WDW and Disneyland )

Disney Cruise Line

You'll also want official Parks Apps for Universal Studios, or Sea World, other attractions in Orlando or Southern California, your airline, your off-site hotel, Apps for booking non-Disney dining reservations like Open Table

Disney Store

There are Apps about Disney Vacation Club, our own former Disney Echo member "Eddie Valiant" is a DVC member and an App developer of his own third-party App.  Sorry, however, I can't recall the name of the App !  

How to effectively do online searches :  Try to spell it right, search engines are literal-minded.  Know as much as possible what Disney itself calls it, it will improve your search results.

Rumors :  Disney rumors for Disney fans are so tantalizing !  However err on the side of not believing everything you see online or in a chat forum, a lot of "fake news" and wishful thinking can be put out there.  The rumors become facts if/when Disney itself issues a press release, and if/when a bona fide news media source publishes it, like Orlando Sentinel, Orange County Register.  If you "search" at an online news aggregator for that news and a lot of bona fide references pop up to confirm the news, then the news is legitimate.  If you search and nothing pops up, it's a rumor or false.... or hasn't been officially announced so don't believe the rumor or don't believe it yet.

Collectibles:  Best bet is to join Disneyana Fan Club.  This is a non-profit social group with a national chapter and smaller chapters all over the US specializing in Disney fans who collect stuff.  They have an official convention each July in the Anaheim CA area and a Show and Sale of collectibles dealers and appraisers every January-February also in Anaheim CA.  "Search" for their website or at "About" on their Facebook page for joining info and get on the mailing list for their newsletters and registration info/hotel info for their annual conventions.  Is a smaller, private, more social, and has local chapters, and more buy-sell-trade-appraise than D23 is.  BE PATIENT:  It's a non-profit social club of people who "have a life" so if they do not immediately respond to an E-mail, posting on social media, phone call or US Mailed letter, give it time before trying again.  

Collectibles:  You might see surfing around Disney Echo references to vintage shows, historical Disney content-type shows on TV years and years ago, or references to recording shows, specials, annual Christmas Disney Parks-related radio shows of seasonal music and character voices interacting with a celebrity, etc.  I was asked in Private Message on Facebook "help me find what you talked about, I'm coming to it late, or would you record a copy for me?"  The answer, I regret, is "no".  Our recordings of anything are on VHS or DVD-R or cassettes in unorganized piles and under a layer of dust.  I can't find them myself!  If an thorough and clever use of keywords (remember: Search for the title Disney itself or the network or programmer itself gave the show to improve success ) doesn't work, frankly refer to Disneyana Fan Club National contact info and chapters for their help.  NO GUARANTEES you'll find what you're looking for.  The same goes for finding any collectible object, toy, movie, recording, CD, cassette, VHS, 45 RPM or 33 1/3 RPM vinyl record, furnishing, kitchen ware, house hold thing like a lamp, articles of clothing.  Try Disneyana Fan Club.  We used to be members of their New Orleans LA chapter, and I can vouch it's a good legit organization.  Don't contact me about it, I cannot help you.  Try Disneyana Fan Club and effective online searches.  Good luck !

Collectibles: There's a catalog called TOMART which periodically publishes a list of Disney memorabilia and last known price of it in the buy-sell-trade market.  Find a copy or order it, and you might be able to self-appraise something you found in an attic or flea market or yard sale. It's not 100% assured your find will be in the catalog, but check back issues or future issues, which is why you join Disneyana Fan Club and get chummy with people very in the know about these things to guide you.

Travel Agent :

An old friend of mine, huge Disney fan, is successful as an entrepreneur doing online travel agent business.  She left being a member of an online travel agency, former a partnership and apparently now out on her own.  The most recent posting in this Topic is Mary Kraemer's description and a link to her travel business page of Facebook for Contact Info :

For privacy purposes and their safety I am not providing networking info for formerly active Site Members and former Moderators on social media.  I do not have their express permission for that kind of referral.

Best wishes to you and your family, fellow Disney fans you know, and fellow Disney travelers !  Thanks for stopping by !  I hope the preceding information is helpful !  May you and your family or travel party have a magical time at Disney, or enjoying their films, buying fun products, or attending fan conventions like D23 or Disneyana Fan Club events.  Thanks for stopping by, sorry the site isn't what it used to be years ago anymore, but in the world of the Internet the constant thing is "change".  Best Wishes and Pixie Dust to you ! :waver:  :computer:  :mickey:  :minnie:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Dec. 24, 2016, 10:29 am Quote

TV Shows :

TVKirby was a Moderator here who had his own fan site about looking up Disney TV shows having to do with Disney parks or anything Disney.  He used to compile a weekly list of such shows and including Disney Echo go to various fan websites to share the info in regular postings.  He has discontinued posting on this site and judging by his own site for that pastime he's moved on.

If you want to watch Disney shows or record them, learn how to program your DVR to "Search" or your TiVo to add to "Wish List" for "Disney", or "Walt Disney World", "Disney World", "Disneyland" or "Disney Cruise Line" or "Walt Disney" other Disney-esque terms or specific movie titles (without the quote marks).  

Then keep checking once a week or twice a week on your own to see if the DVR or TiVo found anything worth watching.  Program listings can be added sometimes on very short notice, but generally you can peer ahead about 10-14 days for shows, movies, specials and then set to record those you prefer.  Checking once or twice a week covers the contingency of a new add-on by channels.  And checking once or twice a week and hitting "record this" ensures you won't miss a show if you get busy, called away, etc. and might forget to watch.

Ask your cable or satellite provider for help how to look up shows by keywords in DVR or TiVo then select the ones you want to set to record.  Customer Service can talk you through it on the phone, or usually providers' sites have how-to sections that are found by looking at menus or using their sites' "search" functions.

Turner Classic Movies airs a quarterly "binge-watching" marathon of "Treasures from the Disney Vault", vintage (back to 1930s through 1980s) cartoons, movies, animated features, nature documentaries, "Wonderful World of Disney" episodes with Walt.  Usually in March, June, September, and December but it _can_ vary, starts in prime time and ends at 5 am +/- the following day !  You can peruse TCM listings (they look ahead every two months), it's "search" function, "like" it to "follow" it on social media like Facebook, or just program your TiVo or DVR with 'Disney' and be diligent about checking.  There's no regularity to when "Treasures from the Disney Vault" comes on, and using the full title of the evening actually will not yield search results when the shows come on.  

Destination America Channel is owned by Discovery and airs a lot of the old Travel Channel Disney parks and Cruise Line shows, sometimes in binge-watching marathon blocks of multiple shows back to back.  These are not updated versions of those old shows, however.  Sometimes updated a little bit, but left to rerun and rerun and rerun again.  Still, if you are "desperate" to view a show about Disney or Disney Parks or Cruise Line your TiVo or DVR can find them for you even if they are reruns you've already.  Everyone needs an armchair vacation sometimes!  

Be aware that the older a show is the more somewhat useless parts of it can become, especially with Disney Parks changing attractions and moving technologically forward all the time. You might be viewing outdated content.  So be aware of that when trip planning and wanting to rely on what an older TV show might tell you.

Sometimes there are "new" Disney shows and about the parks or their newest movies.  But it's not like the old days of huggable traveler Samantha Brown on Travel Channel or Food Network.  Travel Channel rarely does Disney, Food Network only sometimes does Disney (and reruns older shows).  Just program your DVR or TiVo to find any, check the year or original broadcast date in "Info" on DirecTV's DVR and the year-date will indicate if it is brand new or a rerun.  Maybe you need saw the show originally, in which case an "old show" may be fresh to you if you've never seen it.  

Both US Disney parks (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) are adding Toy Story and Star Wars-themed lands, and WDW is adding the world of Pandora to Animal Kingdom from the (now old 2009) hit movie "Avatar" in 2017, and in Animal Kingdom a night time water, projections, and mist projection screens show.  I hope various travel related channels will have "new shows" when these major additions and changes open.  In which case those shows will rerun and rerun for awhile later on.  Again, you know the drill: Learn how to program a DVR or TiVo and to be diligent (weekly) in checking these listings for "Disney" to pounce on any new shows about the newer attractions to record and view them.

We thank all our former Moderators and knowledgable frequently posting members for their help and participation on Disney Echo while it was an actively functioning site.   :bowdown:  :clap:  :hearts:
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Dec. 24, 2016, 11:29 am Quote

P. S. Collectibles :  You might get "all excited" about finding some old Disney thing in your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents' attics or storage or where ever they kept their old stuff, or some yard sale find or flea market find or antique shop find or Goodwill or Salvation Army Stores find you make.  You might have seen PBS' "Antiques Roadshow" or on History Channel "Salvage Dawgs" or "Pawn Shop"-anythings and had dollar signs dancing in your brain hoping your Disney find is worth a lot.  A LOT $$$ !

Rich and I were members of the New Orleans Chapter of the predecessor of what is now Disneyana Fan Club national organization and had friends who were avid vintage and knowledgeable Disney collectors.  Let me pass along some basic help about that for you.

The more it was mass produced in it's heyday, the less value it may have today on the collector's market.  The more in "ordinary use" it was at the time the less value it has today, vs. something more specialized, limited edition, or one time only which would be rarer and fetch a higher price on the collectors' market.  The more in original packaging it stayed, and overall very good to excellent condition, the more valuable it is.  And the more wears and tears and dings and chips it may have, the more flaws, the less valuable.  Even if it's Cast Member or former Cast Member memorabilia from a bygone era doesn't mean it's "worth anything" on the collector's market.  

eBay may or may not be a good place to ballpark appraise your items or sell them.  You might get less than top dollar.

Which is also why I refer you to the Disneyana Fan Club.  It's a concentration of Disney collector fans as well as those who buy-sell-trade.  Many of them are huge Disney fans and know the back stories of items and in general a market ballpark price.  If it's truly an important piece vs. mass produced, they can indicate that and maybe refer you further.  And might be more likely to provide a loving home for the Disney things in the attic or closet or storage from yourself, a parent, grandparent or great grandparent.

You should also look around for antique dealers, probably in larger cities, who can look at your item(s) and let you know if you have something worth "Wow" or something worth "Ho-Hum".  

Just because you or someone else squirreled it away back in the day makes the item you come across "worth something".  You might get a fast food lunch out of the profits of "what it's worth", is all.  Rarely are finds worth mega-bucks.  So get some knowledge going on and go to Disneyana Fan Club or an accredited trained pop culture antique dealer to get a good appraisal and realistic guidance.  Don't buy that yacht or build that mansion or go on the extravagant trip quite yet... ;)

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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Dec. 28, 2016, 2:14 pm Quote

P. S. :  Disney Echo began noticing a decrease in registered member log on and usage in the 2009-2011 time frame.  

This coincides with the rise of smart phones, tablets, the development of Apps for these devices, Disney's increased involvement in online interaction, and the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, LinkedIn and Instagram and other similar sites.  And the rise of consumer travel review sites such as Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon.  And the rise of using online travel agents or the ability of many people to look up cheapest rates themselves and then book those.  

Chat sites like Disney Echo which are smaller do not compete well in the above atmosphere.  Smart phones being used to post to a chat site in our present day are just very unwieldy.  Trying to wade through others' endless frivolous increasing off-topic chat when you're trying to research a park, a ride, a restaurant turns out to be too much work to do the wading through all that.  The just keep up with a lot of Disney news and post for the sake of posting with a decline in member usage was just not time efficient or beneficial to anyone.  So my husband and I eventually gave it up.  

I do want the site, if the owner has sentimentality to keep it operating even when no one's here using i anymore, to be useful to somebody.  So I have this Topic and some others describing the site's decline and some suggestions for alternative sites to use for Disney community, info, travel planning advice.  

Since the site's slowing down 2009-2011 a lot of Topics here have dates and times on the posts in that Topic.  Notice the year.  If it's been years (plural) since it was posted or replied to, frankly, consider the Topic and any info "old" or "very old".  It will confuse you and frustrate you to rely on any of it in light of how Disney itself uses technology and has made alterations to the parks and hotels and it's interactive guest technology since the 2009-2011 time frame our site has been declining.  

The list I gave you is a great list.... follow it and there are people to meet and chat with, news, info, hand-holding for asking questions or getting getting guidance.  At least the list and suggestions will get you started on a more effective path of researching a Disney trip.  

Thanks again for visiting.  Sorry you visited so late that you never experienced our community spirit on Disney Echo in it's more active peak times.  It was swell!  We all could use nice sweet people like we had then in our lives!  I hope the advice and list offered will be helpful to you.  Thanks....   :thumbsup:  :clapping:  :mickey:  :minnie:  :computer:  :waver:
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KUNOICHI50 Offline

Disney EchoEar Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 161
Joined: Jan. 2007
Posted: June 13, 2017, 11:20 am Quote

I sure miss this group! Just thought I would stop by once again and say Hi! :p

October  1990  Walt Disney World-Off Site
March     1998  Disneyland-Off Site
August    2000  Disneyland-Off Site
February 2004  Disneyland-Off Site
May        2007  Walt Disney World-Fort Wilderness Loop 1513
March     2008  Disneyland-Off Site
May        2011  Walt Disney World-Fort Wilderness Loop 2049
June       2013  Disneyland-Off Site
July        2014  Walt Disney World - Give Kids The World for Matt's Make A Wish Trip  

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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: June 15, 2017, 6:23 am Quote

Quote (KUNOICHI50 @ June 13, 2017, 10:20 am)
I sure miss this group! Just thought I would stop by once again and say Hi! :p


Thanks for stopping by.

Good luck to you in Real Life pursuits, the love and success of family and fates and fortunes, and about continuing on as a Disney fan moving on from this dormant site.

This fan website has been in decline since 2009-2011 since social media sites started becoming popular.  It's a deserted ghost town now, and it's past information and past chat day by day becomes more dated and falling out of any true helpfulness to anyone.  Reality in 2017+future years is it's time to move on now.

Rich and I don't own Disney Echo, so we can't shut it down and move on due to it's dormancy.  Only the owner Larry "lar3ry" Gensch can do that, and though he's been approached and it's been recommended to him to pull the plug, for whatever reason personal and private he has he keeps it up.  So it stays up at his pleasure and his rationales and his expenses and his Internet connection to a desktop computer in his attic in New Hampshire.  I started informing of the site's dormancy trending in 2011 and I personally if I could have pulled the plug here several years ago, mainly because of the increasing dormancy.

Meanwhile, to maintain our tradition of customer service to assist fellow Disney fans.....

A lot of GOOD advice and site and social media and news media referrals are up above, I heartily advise you to use the above as a starting point to find new Disney fan websites to find community with (the fan websites can encourage much more camaraderie and you'll find new Real Life Disney fan friends that way ) and new sources of news and information (what the news media sites and social media pages are frankly better at doing ).  

I also heartily recommend you join The Disneyana Fan Club ( a non-profit national group of Disney collectors with chapters all over the US and two annual national convention-type events for like-minded Disney fans to travel to, meet face to face, buy-sell-trade collectibles, hear speakers, etc.) and / or D23, Disney-owned fan club that has a mega-fan event similar to Comic Con in Anaheim CA every year-couple of years.  Join either of those or both and you'll be in total immersion fanship with Disney fans from all over the US.  

Find the various fan sites (above ) and you can chat online with others 24/7/365 like Disney Echo used to be.

Thanks for visiting.

All the best to you for the future !   :clapping:  :thumbsup:  :waver:

But, reread the above postings.... it's time to move on from Disney Echo now.
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21926
Joined: April 1992
Posted: July 25, 2017, 11:48 am Quote

Sorry for typos, spell-check auto-correct errors I didn't spot and edit to make them correct, and sorry for the lengths !  However if you are visiting today and happen upon this post :  

Just read the Original Post.  Find the websites and various social media pages of any-all of them.  Find their Apps as the case may be.  You'll be well served .  That's simple enough, short and sweet !

You can brave the lengthy wordy posts I made and get some other ideas and suggestions and guidance.  Or just rely on the Original Post.

For Disney Cruise Line there is a website called DisneyCruiseLineBlog , it's an unofficial (not affiliated directly to Disney ) fan website.  It has a lot of good photos, texts, advice about booking and planning a Disney Cruise.  So you can copy and paste into your browser better :


Last :  Please _do not post_.  Total waste of time.  And we want the site owner to see how "ghost town" it is here and pull the plug on the site himself because he sees for himself just how non-used this site is anymore.  Your cooperation in that goal is to please don't post.  Thanks in advance.

And: All posts here feature a date the post was posted.  The more it's been days, months and years since the post was posted or the Topic was started the more you should regard info in that post or Topic as outdated.  Don't trust the info here anymore.... Disney has soooooooo moved on with Imagineering, design and tech interaction with it's public.  Live in the present.  

Instead: Go to the Original Post at the top of this page and use any suggestions for websites, social media pages Apps and guide books to both inform you and steer you to where contemporary fan community may be.

Thanks for participating, such as it is, on Disney Echo,  :beer: Cheers to our past members if they are visiting and to you doing online surfing around.  

Dormant site, however, no longer being maintained or updated.  And a site owner who is peculiarly leaving his computer, software, and Internet lines up and running to a dormant and dated site.  We can't pull the plug the owner has to.  Better to rely on Original Posting for website, fan site, news media about Disney, guide books, Apps, interactive chatting and social media sites where people in the present day spend time.

Thanks for visiting.  

:waver:  :hearts:  :waver:
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