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Tikiman Offline
Steve Seifert

modEARator emEARitus: Polynesian Resort/Yacht & Beach forums

Group: modEARator emEARitus
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Joined: Mar. 2003
Posted: Mar. 01, 2004, 10:01 am Quote

Originally posted April 19, 2003 here on DisneyEcho.

Ok I spent the morning going through all my video and I have a few results to share. Now remember these times were with me walking at an even pace. People seem to remember times different and some distances seem farther. I realize that when I hear people give the time they think it took to walk somewhere but I have the video with the time to show what it realy is.

The dibate on if the Epcot resorts are better for Epcot than the Polynesian. Well I always felt this was false and now I have proof.

Time to walk from the Yacht Club building where we stayed which was right above the marina to the YC pool was 3 minutes.

Yacht Club to the Beach Club's first building was 5 minutes.

Yacht Club to the gates of the International Gateway was 10 minutes.

Yacht Club to England was 12 minutes.

Now remember in the morning none of this is open so you still are not anywhere near something you can go on.

Yacht Club to the begining of Future World along the edge of the lake was 17 minutes with no crowds to walk through.

Now lets take a look at the Polynesian time.

From Hawaii longhouse to the TTC was 5 minutes.

From the TTC (yes I taped the whole trip on the monorail because we were up front) to Epcot monorail station the ride took 8 minutes.

From the monorail station through crowds to the same spot along the lake in Future World as the walk from the Yacht Club was 4 minutes.

The totals are 17 minutes for both resorts but 8 minutes of the trip from the Polynesian was not walking and add crowds to the walk from the YC and the Polynesian would win. So how is it that the Epcot resorts are better for Epcot and the Polynesian is only good for going to the MK? This is what I hear all the time.

Now if you were staying in Tahiti you would take 2 minutes off your walk and if you were in the furthest longhouse at the Polynesian you would add 4 minutes for a total of 21 minutes from building to the middle of Epcot. It may sound crazy but it is true and I have the tape to proove this all.

Now for those who think the Polynesian is big or you need a building close to the GCH. Here are the times around the resort and I even stoped to smell the flowers.

Hawaii to the GCH 2 minutes
Tokelau to the Volcano pool walking the beach 4 minutes
Tahiti to the Volcano pool walking the beach 4 minutes
Tahiti to the GCH 3 minutes taking the path through the resort.
Tuvalu to the GCH 2 minutes

Now from one end to the other from Aotearoa to Tahiti 6 minutes

Now anyone who thinks 6 minutes or less is too long to walk or walk in the rain should not be walking in a park at WDW :9

So there are your times.



modEARator emEARitus of the Disney Echo's Polynesian Resort forum and Yacht & Beach Club Resort forum
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RichKoster Offline
Rich Koster


Group: Super ModEARator
Posts: 29282
Joined: April 1992
Posted: Mar. 01, 2004, 10:27 am Quote

And when Steve/Tikiman originally posted this on the Vault: Disney Echo here, there were these replies:

Quote (Scottdur @ April 19, 2003 8:06 am/pm)
Great report.

I love the fact that you have the times on video.  :cool:

You are the man!!!!

Quote (markmartin6 @ April 20, 2003 3:39 am/pm)
Think you could add those videos to your website?  :rock:

Quote (Tikiman @ April 21, 2003 8:50 am/pm)
I wish I could. Firts of all they were shot with a new HI-8 camera and not a digital. Second It would take forever to download. I use to make copies of the tapes to send out but it got too expensive to do for free. I think I have videoed every inch of the Polynesian.

Quote (=Stitch= @ April 22, 2003 6:07 am/pm)
Quote (Tikiman @ April 21, 2003 9:50 am/pm)
I use to make copies of the tapes to send out but it got too expensive to do for free. I think I have videoed every inch of the Polynesian.

So, if that's the case, how much you want for a copy?


You KNOW some of us are willing to pay, you could even use the proceeds to help pay for your webspace....

Quote (Tikiman @ April 23, 2003 8:43 am/pm)
Well I was talking to my wife about it and it would be nice if I had a double VCR to make them or even a VCR to DVD. I may get another VCR to make copies but I have not to this point. I was not planning on doing it to make money. I think once I just charged the cost of the tape and shipping which was about $10 but most of the tapes I sent for free.

Quote (Vacations with Character @ May 31, 2003 10:27 am/pm)
The Polynesian is without a doubt the best hotel for transportation. Even if it take a little longer to get to Epcot from the Epcot hotels, the trip is more enjoyable and in the morning you are brought to the open part of the park.

Quote (JohnnyTarHeel @ June 30, 2003 1:40 am/pm)
This is great info.  One of the factors in our choosing the Polynesian was its proximity to the TTC, especially since we spend a lot of our time at EPCOT.  Now that you've documented it, I'm even happier about our decision.  I had no idea until recently that the Polynesian was this accessible from the TTC.

Quote (FatherForce @ Aug. 23, 2003 3:01 am/pm)
I'd gladly send you 10 bucks for a cool "tour of the Poly" videotape :cool:  :sorcerer:  :bowdown:
( my 4 yr old daughter picked the Mickeys to use)

Quote (kirby428 @ Sep. 13, 2003 7:49 am/pm)
My wife and I found the walk to and from the TTC to be one of the most romantic things we enjoyed about the Polynesian.  Even at our ages (50s) we did not find the walk to be excessively long nor tiring.  The beauty of the gardens and grounds offsets the distance.  We found the short stroll to the TTC to be the fastest way to get to the Epcot monorail.  The monorail along the inside, local track stops often and these stops can devour precious minutes of the clock if timing matters to you.  Even after taking the resort monorail to the TTC, you still have to get off and get back in line for the Epcot monorail.  

Guests should realize that the monorail along the inside, local track often must halt for several minutes even before reaching the next station.  Delays caused by loading or unloading guests with limited mobility or any other "snags" can keep a monorail train at a station longer than usual and if the delay is long enough, it can paralyze every train on the track.  Monorail cast members will at times hold up the departure of a train if they see a group of guests running up the ramp at the last moment.  This is a hard call to make at times when the train is not full and there is a light steady flow of guest toward the gate.  This was seen most often at the MK station and the Contemporary.  That is why it is good to have the option to avoid riding the monorail to the TTC from the MK resorts.

Disney Echo modEARator / administratEAR
“Dreams Do Come True Down In New Orleans.”
Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"

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Quick Reply: Walk Times around the Polynesian and beyond
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