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Topic: Disney Echo Defunct,Finding Long Lost Collectibles< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: April 11, 2016, 12:21 pm Quote

Every once in a while someone "driving by" finds Disney Echo and as a non-member Guest peruses around the public and open areas of this site, finds some Topic about a long-ago Disney related TV show or radio show or special title that they missed seeing, listening to, recording themselves at the time it originally aired.

Here's a list of referrals.  I do not know for a fact that anyone can help you or immediately put a hand on something for you to dub a copy for you at these referrals.  But at least it's a direction of finding fellow Disney related entertainment media enjoyers, perhaps yes/perhaps no recorders of any of it for personal use, or Disney memorabilia collectors which might include a video-audio personal use library of recordings of TV specials or radio shows.  

DISCLAIMER:  No guarantees.  But people in the direction I'm referring you to might have a better chance of being able to assist you, or refer you further.

My husband Rich and I :  Back in the day we'd record some of these Disney shows that were specials, make a DVD-R copy or keep things we knew about on the radio on a cassette or a CD we'd record.  With passing time and getting busy with an aging boy then a teen with school and co-curricular and extra curricular activities, we'd lose track of our own recordings of things.  We realized we weren't really going back and watching some of these even though they were recorded.  Today so much is online, and thanks to Apple TV or similar viewing-searching 2016 and current technology if "it" (whatever it may be) exists online then the technology can find it and play it back for you.  But going through shelves, drawers and boxes for one thing...  Sorry....

I've received queries about long ago radio shows Disney would air at Christmas of celebrities in the parks and the voices of Disney characters, and in between skits and park promotion a lot of Christmas music.  And just today a query about a 90-minute special that aired on Turner Classic Movies twice in December 2008 and repeated in April 2009 "The Age of Believing" about the history of the Disney Studio, when headed by Walt, venturing into live-action movies for the first time.  

I wish these were something instantly me or my husband could put our hands on in a few seconds, magically record a copy for you, stick it in US Mail, and voila.  They're not.  Also since we no longer record-and-keep a lot of things anymore our equipment for making recordings is outdated.  Sorry, can't help.  

BUT:  Try the following to continue networking to see if someone else might have a copy and be much better organized with a home video or aural personal use library.  Use Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, Bing, whatever else is out there, and use "Search" functions at websites, too.  These are not hot links.  But just "search" online for them.

1.  The exact title of what you're looking for.  Play with keywords.  If "it" (whatever "it" is ) exists you'll come up with a precise title, and maybe it's a title of "Themed Title Here :  The History & Fond Memories of a Bygone Era"  So yes search for all the title, including that colon : and the part after the title.

2.  Somewhere you'll maybe find the precise date (s) it aired, a network it aired on, an aged website with an official program description, a discussion or Comments Forum that has people talking specifics.  Network around (meaning schmooze online and connect up to others ) using as much factual date-specific, time specific, description specific info you can.  As well as the precise title of it, colon : and all.  If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, then as much specific info as possible can help jog someone's memory about it to help you look further for it, or find it in their own personal use libraries.

3.  Go to where memorabilia and traditionalist Disney fans and collectors actually are.  Find first A ) Websites and use their "search" or "Contact" or "Contact Us" info, B ) Social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Websites will have social media site symbols and insignia if they are members of some of those.  C ) In the case of social non-profit collectors clubs like Disneyana Fan Club, check if there are member chapters listed on websites and if so their contact info, too.  TIP: These non-profit social Disney collector clubs and chapters are operated by volunteers, who might not check often their club or chapter US Mail address mail boxes or E-mail inboxes (or spam folders if your E-mail accidentally went to that ).  So be polite, patient, but persistent, and try to find as many varied contact sources as possible.  D ) No guarantees.  A few constants in life online is that people are busy, some of these old time TV specials and radio shows were years ago, people can be disorganized about precise cataloging of personal use recordings, and after many years it might not be immediately at fingertips to grab, or have recording technology to help you, and maybe sometimes online people have moved on.  

4.  So try :

--Disneyana Fan Club website, then find their social media site pages .  For this one on their website they have numerous US Chapters.  If one is geographically close, visit one of their meetings. Or join as a member and plan to attend one of their January-February annual Shows and Sales (a great way to meet fellow collectors and ask questions ) or annual July Conventions (dittoes the face to face networking part ) .  Start out with E-mailing National then the contacts for each of the Chapters.  Ask at Chapters if they can network among members for you.  Joining as a paid member, at least the National, is only a few bucks a year, and you might end up joying membership.  Disneyana Fan Club has a monthly published newsletter they mail to members.  If you're a paid member you're allowed to post a "Buy-Sell-Searching-Swap" classified ad in their national newsletter classified ads.  Might be a small fee... ask.  You'll be networking among known collectors.  Worth a try. If they have a Chat section then "search" it for the exact title.

--D23 Disney officially owns it.  Joining and networking with fellow members, or attending one of their every two year conventions or periodic Members-Only gatherings, which are now starting to be regional and not confined to Southern California-mainly anymore.  Officially due to copyright law Disney might not honor any requests for a copy of what you're looking for.  But among fans who might be very open to private use copying to help out a fellow fan, then schmooze among real people at a D23 gathering.  

--The Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum Facebook pages (there are two of them, one is "open" and one is "closed", free of charge but Moderators have to approve of you first ).  This is a real brick and mortar wonderful place to visit in the Presidio part of San Francisco.  Diane Disney Miller, now deceased, founded it to get out the story of her family and what it was like to grow up with such a famous man as a Dad, and The Walt Disney Company itself doesn't offer such a public tour-educational-fan opportunity.  The "Friends of" are people who admire the legacy of Walt and want to see items of memorabilia and talk about Walt.  This is also where you can definitely find a set of people, many of whom are collectors, in fact many people still alive who "lurk" and are members of these pages who worked with Walt, have lots of memorabilia too, and can assist you with your query, or at least let you know where further to look or ask.  You have to have already been admitted to those Pages by a Moderator in order to post an original query, then your post has to be approved of by a Moderator.  It's OK don't worry !  They are weeding out haters, cursing or ornery or disrespectful people, and spammers is all.  Be sure to post your specifics, a precise program title and all the title, dates (month, date, year ) and network or radio network locations it aired, any particulars or program descriptions.  Help the people out who you're seeking help from, just saying, help jog a memory, provide context of if a special aired as part of a holiday, marathon of programming, special time in Disney history being remembered, etc.  

--Excellent Disney fan websites which might have a "Disney TV" or "Disney Radio" or "Disney Collectors" aspect to to their Forum system.  Suggesting :  MiceChat, Mouse Planet, Laughing Place, or The DIS Boards .  There are skads of Disney fan sites out there, those are ones I'm familiar with.  Use their site's "Search" function first.  Be sure to adjust toggles for dates, "every forum" "since the beginning" or specific dates or years, the precise (use the full title, the full long title is your friend ! ) title of what you're looking for, if you can discern a precise Forum where it might logically be then hone the search to that or have "search" look for all forums.  Again, no guarantees.  Worth a shot.

--Google, Bing, Yahoo !, You Tube, Hulu, iTunes, Apple TV, etc.  Any site with "search" window.  Use exact precise title as much as possible.

--If it was a specific cable TV network that aired a program years ago you shoulda-woulda-coulda recorded years ago, and you're hunting it now, then go to their website and "search" for 1. Program listings, or 2. If they have a "store" see if it's on their private label DVD for sale or 3. If they'll have a digital library and watch on demand streaming (or watch for a fee ) .  No guarantees.  But sometimes at, for instance, Turner Classic Movies website they have member who chat in Forums or connected to specific program listings.  Again, you're networking around.  

--Travel Channel, Food Network, History Channel, Discovery various channels (Animal Planet, Destination America, Travel Channel, even Science Channel ), used to make and air Disney related programs.  Sometimes the longer-ago of these are quietly just put back into their own program vaults, such as the wonderful Parks and Hotels shows Samantha Brown used to do for Travel Channel.  When Animal Kingdom Park opened at WDW Imagineer Joe Rohde went to the Himalayas for Travel Channel to trace their history of "the yeti" and a host did something on Animal Planet about the animals and habitat of the Himalayas.  These aired all week to promote the new theme park.... once.  And never repeated.  Turner Classic Movies had a December 2008 marathon, on four Sundays, of live action vintage Disney movies, and a 90-minute special about the history of these, that aired twice that month and was repeated in April 2009.... and never aired again.  Digging up precise titles is doable.  But the networks might not have them available for viewer purchase.  I used to work in local TV in news.  Sometimes programs air just once, period.  Due to costs and copyrights, if there's no upside $$ potential to be making viewers copies then the programs live in an archives vault somewhere in dormancy.  Tough luck for later viewers in a digital era where so much is on You Tube, why can't (Name the title here ) also be made available?  You can try, try the "Contact Us" at commercial networks' websites.... Just be willing to face a "Sorry we can't do that for you" with no referral to where maybe someone can help you instead.  Tough luck, just be willing to face that possibility.

--On fan websites you can attempt to be very Type A and find names and log ons of people who posted "Yeah I heard it or viewed it back then and made a copy...." and see if such people are on social media sites.  About me and my husband see the paragraph up above after DISCLAIMER.  It's a little creepy to be looking around like that, so be aware of your search and contacting being well meaning but maybe a little shudder inducing on the receiving end.  

--At least on Turner Classic Movies every few months since 2014 and 2015 into 2016 they air "Treasures From The Disney Vault" with programs that air rarely on broadcast but some of which is already on DVD somewhere in it's own title or a compilation.  maybe "specials" that mention Walt Disney or the history of animation or the history of live action movie making at Disney Studios could repeat, maybe, someday.... Try being a member of their fan forums on TCM's website or Facebook feeds and asking for something specific.  Worth a try.

--The person looking around for some long ago show that contacted me via private message on Facebook today.... I ended by referencing lyrics to "Bare Necessities" from "Jungle Book" "....And don't spend your time looking around for something you want that can't be found. When you find out you can live without it and go along not thinking about it, I'll tell you something true : The bare necessities of life will come to you...."  I'm NOT saying "Don't look around for a piece of audio or video or long ago show you missed back in the day".  Give it a try, especially in more likely places where dedicated Walt Disney fans and dedicated collectors are, search smart !    But after awhile sometimes with shows that air once only, and in busy months of the year or people not as "into" being diligent about doing video-audio recording when they coulda-woulda-shoulda, and several several several years pass and you're only now looking for it...then you have to determine for yourself is spending so much time looking for this worth it?  Only you can answer that after doing networking and "searches" at sites and search engines and joining collector's clubs.  

The above is what I told two people, one searching for a long ago Disney Christmas radio show that was distributed in syndication to help commercial radio stations fill time on Christmas when their regular staff might be off and board operators the only employees working.  And someone else looking for a 90-minute show that aired December 2008 on Turner Classic Movies, repeated April 2009, then vanished back into the TCM archives.  Lots of shows that aired on Food Network, History Channel, Travel Channel, ABC, the old way Disney Channel used to be before they turned it over to little kids and tweens programming (like "Vault Disney" ) and various Discovery related-owned channels, were one-time-only shows.  

If you become a collector of shows that air on networks be reconciled to the idea if you missed it the first time it's hard (not impossible, just hard ) to recreate that months and years after the fact.  Today things are in storage on "clouds" making a search easy.  But if it was on hard media, like personal use audio cassettes, CDs or DVD-R's or even person use VHS's you're talking about attics, piles, shelves gathering dust, closets, storage boxes, or even worse non-climate controlled storage facilities or PODS.  Maybe a bare listing of what the content is, no inventory lists....  And years later a busy fan or busy family who can't or won't drop everything to help you.  It's a shame but part of life.

--Most people have some sort of DVR or TiVo with cable or satellite subscription.  These have a keyword "search" function.  Program "Disney" into it, and check it once a week.  These DVR and TiVo things can search about a week to ten days, maybe 12 or 14 days, in advance IF a network has programmed their program title or description to make a keyword like you're searching for.  So use Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, Cruise, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Studios, or specific movie titles.  If something aired long ago that could, maybe, air again, then the exact long title of that long ago show or special should be a search term.  If "Treasures From The Disney Vault" ever repeated some history of Hollywood special that ever mentions "Disney" then a good keyword list in your DVR or TiVo can help.

That's what I would tell you if you Private Messaged me.

Hope these tips and suggestions result in success for you, otherwise review the lyrics of "Bare Necessities" and be philosophic that some things are only once and sometimes anyone who happened to record it might be offline at the time of your query or can't put their hands immediately on it, or whatever.  Sorry.  

:pixiedust: Pixie Dust to you, thanks for visiting, at least I hope this hones what you're looking for to specific sites and fan congregation areas where you're more likely to meet with successful results.

The above is being Posted in Forums:

Echo Ear to Ear and in Existing Topics there about Disney Echo being defunct

Disney TV

Disney Radio

Disney Collectibles
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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: April 11, 2016, 2:37 pm Quote

Great networking suggestion from former Disney Echo website member FanOfWalt, Quoting:

"Might I suggest: those seeking audio of Disneyland and a great many Disney records and TV show recordings -- Disney commercials, too! -- go check out Chris Lyndon's fabulous compendium,

And if you happen to listen to the Main Street track of fortune teller Esmeralda...well, that's lil' ol' me doing her voice.

Check it out--TONS of great stuff to listen to, there!!"

End of Quoted material.

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CarolKoster Offline
Carol Koster

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 21935
Joined: April 1992
Posted: April 11, 2016, 9:24 pm Quote


1. Disneyana Fan Club, the Facebook page of it and their website and individual Chapters in the US contact methods,


2. The Facebook pages of The Friends of The Walt Disney Family Museum.  

Known places where people who honor Walt Disney and the history of Disney can be found, and Disneyana is a collector's club.
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