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Topic: Dec. 2008 trip planning underway, trip coming up soon< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Julielizabet Offline

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 939
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Oct. 15, 2008, 1:50 pm Quote

I couldn't find my previous "thread" with all the advance trip planning thoughts I'd already done. I just wanted to update any of you who are interested or who might also be planning trips right now!

Some background. We had put a deposit down on a room at the Polynesian and one at the WL but not terribly long thereafter my husband had lost his job. Since then, we've been transferring that deposit from one year to the next. Finally Disney wouldn't transfer the deposit anymore. They'd refund it only to the original credit card, which was long since closed. So I planned for us to go as far into 2008 as possible so we wouldn't lose the deposit but would have as long as possible to scrimp and save.

We will be staying the entire time at the Polynesian for several reasons. First, we love it there. But second, our younger son was recently diagnosed with Austism and is quite the runner, climber, etc. In other words, if it's time to leave a park (such as MK or Ep), we want to be able to leave fast.

As far as transportation from NJ was concerned, we also had a little crimp in our plans. We have been invited to spend some time in Savannah beforehand, staying with a former colleague of my husband's. Up until about May of 2008 the small airport we typically  use to fly down flew into Atlanta and then on to Savannah. This would make life very easy logistically. Flying out of Philly is just a nightmare. Since about May Delta pulled out of this airport, which meant we'd probably have to fly out of Philly, making the plane ride over 5 hours long (or up to 7), including a layover, which just wouldn't be possible with our son. Two hours would be hard enough.

After researching just about every other possible scenario, it occured to me that we'd ridden the autotrain last time and that that would allow us to be able to get up and walk around. So we'll be taking the train (not autotrain) from Philly to Savannah (it stops there). It leaves around 8:30am and gets in around 9pm. A long ride, and maybe we'll live to regret it, but it'll be in daylight, which means lots to look at, the thrill of a train ride for the kids (who love trains), and not being strapped in for hours on end.

For the trip home we'll be flying. In the end the cost was almost exactly what we'd have spent for RT plane tickets.

In the next section I'll share our itinerary thus far. (Yes I'm an anal retentive planner!;) :crazy:


Snakes don't walk, they slither. -Hiss, Robin Hood
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Julielizabet Offline

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 939
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Oct. 15, 2008, 1:58 pm Quote

Here are our plans.

On Thanksgiving we'll be taking the train down to Savannah, where we'll be until 12/3. We hope to visit lots of Savannah sites and also Tybee Island. We've never been to Savannah and won't have to spend much since we'll be staying with a friend!

One of the hitches is that we won't have a child booster seat for the
car so our friend will have to pick up a couple cheapy Walmart specials for us so we'll not be doing anything unsafe or illegal once we arrive!
Our friend is lending us a car ( !!! ) and we'll drive down to Orlando, which as I recall is about 4 or so hours, not bad. We hope to get in by early afternoon (1:30). On the way we'd like to stop and pick up some groceries for breakfast and snacks.

Once we arrive--in anticipation of not being able to check in just yet-- we have lunch reservations for Kona Cafe. Hopefully we can just settle in, go to the pool, or even pop into the MK, regardless of whether our room is ready or not.

I have requested Fiji again since we stayed there last time and found it very convenient, a great location, and beautiful view for the price. Last time they honored our request. We also hope to get the special guest assistance pass for our son, so we'll be bringing down a doctor's note, too.

I have made reservations for the Plaza restaurant for dinner at 5:45 and the Electrical parade is at 7, wishes begin at 8, then we can beat feet out so long as we have obtained a convenient spot on Main Street for parade/FW viewing.


Snakes don't walk, they slither. -Hiss, Robin Hood
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ashleyxo145 Offline

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 578
Joined: July 2008
Posted: Oct. 15, 2008, 3:03 pm Quote

Totally sweet dudeeee~ You are coming back 5 days befire my birthday! Have funn! I am sure you will. I wanna go back!   :angry:  Hahaha... not to long tp wait either. Only 49 days. I had to wait a little over 300!!! Your soooo lucky.  :mickey:  :minnie:

"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."   Walt Disney

I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something's  starting right now, watch and you'll see, someday I'll be, Part of that World!     -The Little Mermaid! :wwww:
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daisysox Offline

Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 732
Joined: Feb. 2004
Posted: Oct. 17, 2008, 12:28 pm Quote

I'm interested! I love the planning stage almost as much as being at WDW - as you can probably tell if you read my November 2008 Pre-Trip & Trip report.  :blush2:

Keep it coming - I'm sure others are interested too & you have a record of what you've done as well!

"I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it."
~ Walter Elias Disney

"Its kind of fun to do the impossible."
~Walter Elias Disney
:DonaldGreeting: :monorail3:

AKC, ASCA Champion Gotham's Windjammer "Jamm"
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threebeesatdisney Offline
Disney Daydreamer

Disney EchoEar Mouseter

Group: Members
Posts: 124
Joined: May 2008
Posted: Feb. 21, 2009, 6:46 pm Quote

How did it go?  How was the Polynesian?  Any tips or highlights you care to share especially about the Poly?


I couldn't decide on one set of "ears"!  LOL!

2000 Mar/Apr- All-Star Movies   $225.50/night w/PH & wp tickets inc
2001 May- All-Star Music  $66.00/nt
2002 May- Coronado Springs $174.13/nt w/ PH & WP tickets inc
2003 June- Animal Kingdom Lodge $239.78/nt/savannah view
2004 July- Caribbean Beach
2005 July- Port Orleans Riverside $140.50

2005 July -Yacht Club $277.50 UPGRADED 2 JUNIOR SUITE
2006 Mar/Apr- Pop Century
2007 June- Port Orleans Riverside $167.35/nt
2007 Dec- Pop Century  
2008 February - Hilton Head Island, SC    
2008 July- Fort Wilderness Cabins $178.88/nt
2008 July- Animal Kingdom Lodge $215.16/nt
2008 October -  Boardwalk Inn - $259/nt w/o tax
2009 Jan-Port Orleans Riverside - $100.13/nt

2009 June - Polynesian $236.55/nt w/tax

2009 September - Beach Club $263.81/nt w/tax
2009 Dec- Pop Century
2010 January - Caribbean Beach
2010 July DAKL
2010 October Coronado Springs
2011 March Pop Century/ Disney Magic Cruise/April French Quarter
2011 July Pop Century/Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas KIDANI VILLAGE
2011 November Old Key West/Boardwalk Villas
2012 February Grand Floridian/ KIDANI VILLAGE
2013 August -  Art of Animation
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Quick Reply: Dec. 2008 trip planning underway
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